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BitCulture: Fine art on Solana, AI music, podcast + book reviews

Universal’s U-turn on AI music won’t please Ice Cube, former MOMA curator collects fine art on Solana, Edge of NFT podcast + Crypto Titans.

Memecoins the next catalyst for crypto adoption — DappRadar analyst

Sara Gherghelas, a blockchain research analyst at DappRadar, explains how the lower barrier of entry associated with memecoins may have sparked the adoption of the...

Tether USDT market cap breaks ATH, Binance CEO points at regulatory caps

At a time when USDT is touching new market cap highs, the other stablecoins are struggling to keep their market dominance.

Ethereum price pinned below $1.9K, and data suggests it‘s unlikely to change in short–term

Three key indicators are behind the prolonged bearish trend in Ether, and data fails to identify an immediate catalyst for a price breakout.

PepeCoin (PEPE) price action points to a potential 70% drop

A bearish chart pattern suggests that PEPE could shave off another 70% in value, especially if the wider market continues to trend down.

PEPE price crashes 65% in 2 weeks as top whales take profits — More pain ahead?

Top Pepe mania profiteers have dumped their PEPE tokens en masse, suggesting declining holding interest among whales.

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Italian senator provokes parliament with AI-generated speech

A senator in Italy utilized OpenAI’s GPT-4 to generate a speech during a parliamentary meeting in order to spark a “serious debate” about the technology....

Jimbos Protocol offers $800K bounty to the public after hacker ignores deal

The Jimbos Protocol team extended the bounty offer to the public, inviting anyone who can help catch the exploiter or recover the funds to claim...

Does the US have a crypto ‘tax loophole’ problem?

The Biden administration wanted to nix a “special tax subsidy for cryptocurrency,” but it wasn’t in the May 28 debt ceiling bill. Another narrow escape?...

Last BTC price dip before a $30K breakout? Bitcoin wipes weekend gains

A limp monthly close ends with Bitcoin closing its weekend futures gap, but BTC price action continues to disappoint. Bitcoin (BTC) returned to a key...

Here’s how OpenAI plans to cleanse ChatGPT of false information

OpenAI aims to reduce AI hallucinations in ChatGPT by enhancing math skills, as process supervision shows promise in improving accuracy. On May 31, OpenAI announced...

‘Not just Bitcoin price’ — Dan Tapiero shares tips on navigating the bear market

Veteran trader Dan Tapiero said the most important thing for traders is to make rational judgments that aren’t impacted by people’s fears. While many beginners...

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